Square cakes

We chose the shape that symbolizes the moment and detail. Square like the idea that has always been a symbol of the earth, the Pythagorean perfection. Square as a symbol of platonic beauty, square as a distinction.


Gianluca Ranieri’s
sweet dream

My name is Gianluca, I'm 36 years old and I have the passion for delicious desserts. I started two pastry shops with handicraft production inside Vomero, the most dynamic area of Naples. The basic idea that led me to choose this as my job is the creative dream that I’ve always had since I was a child.

The charm is in what you see. The charm is beauty. The charm was being fascinated by fountains of fragrant flour, by the sweet sound of eggs breaking and then slipping down into the dough with the smell of vanilla; while ricotta cheese, chocolate, cinnamon, lemon and other essences mingled in the compounds until they leavened and turned into sweet works of art. Now round, square now. Now small, now big.

The reason of such commitment was the party. That’s what fascinated me. Since then, my passion has been designing and making sweets. Sweets that make people dream.